Beautiful Dreams

Our dreams are very important in our spiritual journey. I find mine are more vivid and clear when I’m sleeping in an empty stomach- and not using too much THC.

This morning- just before waking I saw these beautiful plants- dancing their way through photosynthesis- and I saw smaller ones and bigger ones. The energy was very green and most beautiful- with loving fae like stars. The trees were swaying and moving and I watched as someone came by- and they possessed the light- what I saw resembled the heart chakra energy. They did not hold this light- but they held it in their heart.

The trees followed the light- they embraced what it had to offer them- and they loved the light. It was so beautiful- and my dear friends energy was also with me during this dream- I felt her, at my side.

I have recently moved- and I find myself in my first real place that’s mine and no one else’s. I don’t have roommates. I don’t have other peoples energies to transmute. I have my own space- and it’s beautiful. My past tried to keep me from this- throwing fears my way. Reminding me of the perceived failures of my mother, my mothers mother. And my higher self speaks up- “you’re breaking here national curses” as I rise from the ashes of chains that held me back for so long. But now I’m here. It’s time to show my soul lineage the work I’m prepared to do for our healing.

The place I was put in- has been in need of light and love. The energies were dark. My cat got sick. The town was well known for its cancerous toxicities. The graveyard across the way holds energies that needed releasing, souls that wanted to cross over. The abandoned home across the street- evil and dark in its presence.

I’ve been sending love and healing into Gaia for the last few days. I focus on her healing, the release of her pains in this area. I honour all the spirits that belong to this land- and call forth the ancestors of this land to assist in its healing. This is my mission now.

To have a dream of this proportion makes me feel like Gaia feels me. She sees me. And she sees my light.

A tiny mushroom growing by the entry way too my home. ❤️✨

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