Covid Pains 🧐

This spiritual journey never ceases to amaze me. Here I lay, congested, hot, my entire body aching: yet I’m processing inner child conditioning and releasing traumas around my gypsie lifestyle.

Before I talk about that- I want to offer you a homemade remedy for illness, including Covid- I take oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits- I guess about 3 or 4 of each- plus some kind of root. I like ginger- I’ve used yukka in the past. Chop these up- do not peel them- and throw them in a stock pot.

Distilled water is best- organic is best- but get what you can get- if you can find oranges- use the other three- use only one of that’s all you can get- but boil it up. I like mine to boil about an hour. The tea generally makes about a gallon- and a half when I make mine. Strain it good- and refrigerate for up to 6 month. You can freeze some as well and defrost later.

Drink this juice- daily for immune health- more often when you’re feeling sick. I like to make a real tasty cup of tea and add my juice- about a shot- and a shot of my favorite liquor. This tea once a day will keep the dr away. Always consult a dr if you feel it’s necessary.

Now back to what I was talking about before- my gypsie lifestyle and it’s painful conditioning. Fear of losing those I love- whom I’ve grown close to. My mother moved me too many times to count growing up. This does things to a little girl- not to mention the abuse suffered at the hands of drunken men- and abandonment issues.

On top of Covid, spirit decided to drop all this in my lap too. Releasing the pain is the easy part. Feeling the pain is the hardest. We must feel it to release it. We cannot push it aside any longer. I didn’t know I was still dealing with all this- I had no clue. Now that life is looking up and blessings are falling into my lap- things I’ve NEVER HAD; I’m terrified of losing it all.

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