The come up.

If you have been around since last year- you seen my business expand- I learned I was a painter- I began making meds and ointments- I was selling witch kits and spell kits. I did resin for you guys. I was going live- making TikTok’s- doing light language healing all while running my monthly subscription. I also- grew a garden- began walking daily- went plant based- canned some stuff. I was soooo proud of myself and the changes I saw in me- and it flourished my income. I saw 4000$ per month a time or two.

That all came crashing down when I moved from that home. I had to put everything on the back burner. I had to be taken on a journey- of healing and removing conditioned beliefs- so I was in a hotel with my kid a couple of times- in Stanton Kentucky stranded! Homeless in Ohio- and I found peace in Indiana. Growth was evident at this point- but my last 35 years held this chronic Homelessness at its heart. I moved more times than I could count with my mom- and when you have no stability- this effects every thing in your life from employment to relationships to parenting and spiritual aspects.

I had asked for certain things- and I would be tested and elevated to the place of being ready to accept those things. You see this is how magick works/ spirit works. If you’ve never drove a car- you can’t just get behind the wheel and go- you must learn the traffic signs/laws- etc.

I ate up everything over the last two years and transformed it to power. I transformed myself into this entrepreneurial GODDESS and although I’m not quite set up how I’d like I know it’s coming. The lease is signed.

You watched the struggle. You watched me ask for help and work my ass off. You watched me cry at the hands of loss (could you imagine this journey if I’d had a baby?) You’ve watched me heal, shift, elevate, and ascend.

Now watch this come up my love. And take in how it’s done- I want to inspire you guys- to go after what you desire- end those family curses- take matters into your own hands and begin working that magick- beware though- it’s not a journey for the weak. It’s really not. This takes heart- speaking your truth takes real heart- leaving abuse- that’s harder. Leaving toxic situations like jobs and family members homes for good- that takes strength. Having faith when you have NOTHING- that takes the heart of a TIGER.

BUT I HAVE FAITH IN YOU. If I can do this- if I can come from nothing and build a kingdom of my own- so can you. I want to show you- teach you- guide you and inspire you to go after everything you want- accept the growth and healing and learning that comes with it- I want to awaken you to your Magick!

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