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Retrograde and The New Moon

Life can definitely be a rollercoaster.

Yesterday I felt the need to write, and never did. I’m somewhat glad because of what happened last night.

This retrograde has brought about a huge release and realization in me.

I gained my physical shop that I had been manifesting, two days ago. Then yesterday morning I had the most energy.. I was so thankful for everything I just cried happy tears. I danced around and listened to all my favorite music. I was on top of the world

But then last night, old programming came up that made me see what really was, and what I needed to admit. I’m not as healed as I would like to be. Life can be a struggle, and that’s ok. I’m not perfect. I’ll never be. I embrace the part of me that shows this fear, I love her. She’s been through so much she deserves patience.

For a long time I would get triggered and run my mouth and lose people I loved. I thought this is what happened last night… but the love me and that man share is stronger than that. He listened to my bitching.. and finally had enough… and I know he didn’t deserve it. My bitching came from a place of impatience.

I dealt with the pain of him “leaving me alone” and in the midst of it, I was wanting to die. How could I, again?? I was so tired of me. How could I bitch at this man when a he is, is good to me. I feel his love, he’s always there for me. I have to get this under control.

Its important to know that life will happen, you will have bad days. You will experience your own toxicities so you can adjust. You will be shown, who u are and what it causes if u pay attention. Then you’re responsible for shifting and becoming a better human. You’re responsible for showing others as well.

I Am a Goddess.

Biology and Ether

Balance of both light and dark.

This journey has been wonderous, scary, enlightening, and beautiful and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Walking into walmart last night, following the man who shows me so much love.. I received a message. “You are the light for other, even when you’re heart is breaking ..”

This is true. Lightworkers are always doing what they are meant to, even if its painful and they are hurting, their light is shining bright.

Being a Mom can be Hard

Parenting can be very stressful. I have to remember my kid is her own being, her own human with her own personality, but where to draw the line? At 11, shes being way too grown and that may be partly my own fault. I have not been super strict with her or secluded her from the world. She has been through her own trauma that shes dealing with. I must remember also that I made an agreement before this life, to teach her the things she needs to know so she can help change the world.

Being a parent is hard enough on some. Being a single parent is harder. I am blessed with help, but my parenting comes from me alone. No father in her life to speak of, that could teach her anything. Being a mother of 1, without parents of my own to call on.. that’s tough too. This is something I signed up for. My strength comes from my weakest moments.

Its important not to allow my abuse, my trauma to rub off on her.. in those moments when I’m angry I wont be abusive. This is exactly what I’m trying to teach her. Calling names is not ok, being rude is not ok. Not acknowledging your behavior and denying it is not ok. I must remember to breath through these moments, we are ending generational curses.

They say we are born into the vibration we left at in our previous life. And they mention that our parents are reflections of the karma we must endure. These past lives and generations that came before me were all abusive. Sexually. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. I will NOT raise a daughter who is mean or rude. It will end here. She is free to be her own person, to embrace all she loves… but she WILL NOT BE ABUSIVE ON MY WATCH.

Weed is indeed my best friend and I thank the universe for it. For without it.. man, I may not be as strong as I am. I am blessed to have this medicine to assist me along this path. It’s the wildest thing to imagine how our paths interconnect with our families, our children. They have their own, we have our own.. but we meet in the middle. Parenting for me, has become something I value. I will not be perfect, but I will be honest. I will be true. I will teach her what she needs to know whether she hears me or not. I will love her through her bad times and mine. She’s my angel, and I’ll do my part in her path.

Dream Space

In 2014 I had a dream. I struggle sometimes to remember my dreamscapes, due to the intake of THC but at this particular time I was studying the Quran, with respect to the religion. My system was super clean of any kind of drugs, chemicals, meat, alcohol. I found myself having a super vivid dreams, even past live dreams. In this dream I found myself surrounded by this golden white light, I was in it was I. My body was non-existent but I knew I was me. It was as if I was floating up and backwards at an angle kind of like an acute triangle. It was peaceful I was calm, I had no fear. And I paid closer attention to what was forming in front of me as I was being drawn back. I saw a sun form or what to me look like a sun. And the further I got back the sun became part of a solar system, but it was nothing like our solar system. This solar system had like 35 to 40 planets and they were all a lot closer together than what we imagine our solar system being. In between all these planets there were stardust and meteors, it was a beautiful solar system coming together and I was steadily floating back. I saw Saturn except for it was standing upright on its ring like it was in the middle of a wheel, I saw Jupiter except for it had rings like Saturn. I imagine as I was floating, how magical this place was. I knew that this was home and that I had come from the light, but the solar system was nothing like what I imagine or like what we think our solar system is, it was totally cluttered and unorganized, it was magnificent.

I continued to be pulled back until the whole galaxy spun in front of my eyes. It was this beautiful pink and purple majestic scene of power and glory and grace. This dream was a key. And I finally realized what gate this key opens.

Over this past summer I had another dream that reminded me of this particular Galaxy that spun before my eyes and 2014. This particular dream that I had over the summer I saw six moons spread across the sky. Each Moon had a beam of light coming straight down off of it, and each beam of light had a ring like a disc around it, just one. The dream felt something like an initiation, and as I looked across the sky I saw a mountain range bathed in pink and purple light from the setting Sun. walking across this mountain range was a line of beings dressed in white roads I believe they had hoods and each carrying a lantern bright with white light. The mood was peace and serenity, love was abound. These two dreams are somehow connected and I can’t figure out how.

Freedom from pain

Taking Time for Me

As I sit here, pain filling my neck and shoulders, I refuse and I Mean refuse to go to the dr. Some might call this silly, ignorant, or even dumb. But I already know what to expect, and I wont put a vaccine to my arm…

I am taking time for me, because this pain is deeper than any pill could heal. I’ve been snatched around my hair, thrown around and abused. Only 8 months ago, I found myself staring in the eyes of Satan himself, (if he existed)…  This pain is fresh, deep pain. It’s a spiritual pain. Something that only I can fix through making time for me.

Healing this wound is imperative but how do I go about doing it? I can heal others, (well help them heal themselves), I can offer anyone advice on damn near any topic, but I cannot for the life of me figure this one out. This pain keeps me from feeling my happiness, it keeps me from smiling and glowing. All I want to do is sleep, but it creeps back with the bat of an eye.

Abuse is never ok. If you’re in a situation where you’re being abused in anyway, you should find a way out. There’s always a door… you just have to see it. Take time for you, love you, set you free.

Choose Change

I remember a time, it seems like 2 years ago now, where I lived in my past. I gave my power away to everyone who triggered me, I held on to the “I cant’s” and the doubt .. I allowed myself to be drug down by my environment and emotions, and I let my life be ruled by my past. I was not the person I am today, I dwelled in the “why me’s” and the “ohhh I’m empty” and the “it’s not fair’s” .. I swam in alcohol, and shoved food in my face, while I made excuses for not accepting responsibility for my life. .
I remember, the nightmares, the flash backs, the fight or flight emotions. I remember running when I felt attacked or unwanted.

Then I realized, it wasn’t that “I” wasn’t unwanted.. it was my attitude, my personality, my constant doubting and negativity.. that wasn’t wanted.

When I started to make changes in myself, I began with a simple, guided meditation, and a tarot reading gave to me by my dear friend. She taught me things during that reading that I decided to stick to. The same things I’ve told y’all, that you don’t believe will work for you…

I quit saying I was sick. I quit saying I had ptsd, depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety.. and it quit manifesting into my reality before long..

I personally healed my own emotional trauma this way, and was able to come off 9 meds. (don’t do this without consulting your physician.)

I’m not a Dr. I don’t know shit.

I also analysed myself. Who I was in situations where I felt triggered. Was I truly right? I learned I was not, it was my own emotions triggering the responses I projected onto others, that created my own triggers, and therefore my fight or flight mechanisms.

But then, how do I change? I quit allowing my projections to exist. I never want to make anyone else feel like they are responsible for my feelings. I made a new set of rules for myself and wiped out the olde way of thinking.

We go through life, saying I’m harmless. No, most of us are not, and when we are shown our judgement, our jealousy, our anger or pain, it makes us feel bad, or it angers us and that is because deep down inside, we know it’s true.

I stopped allowing myself to lie. Even a little lie, is still something that doesnt sit right with me. I did this, because I had lied to myself for so long. I blamed everything on others.. and didn’t take credit for shit I did wrong, which in turn means I’ve lied to others as well. I won’t anymore. I base my life off honesty. I seek truth, I am truth, and I will point truth out.

I stopped allowing myself to be a victim of life. I’m not a victim at all. A victims mentality is “woe is me” and I am not this. I am power. I am calm, I am Peace, I am a warrior, the creator of my life.

I stopped allowing myself to relive those olde thoughts. I started picturing a future. I started making changes in the music I listened to, I changed the things I spent my spare time doing… I started learning, helping others online, I started reading cards.

One of the most important things I did though, I made the clear cut decision to accept my mission here on Earth and the Heal so I could assist in the healing of humanity. I stared working with the Angels, (which you too, can do) and I started calling on my spirit guides daily (which you should do) and I began showing thanks for the blessing I had, no matter what they were.

I studied manifesting and didnt stop until I understood it, I changed my Facebook by unfollowing negative people, even family. I rid my life of hateful, abusive people.

I found forgiveness and understanding for those who had hurt me. This is hard for alot of people, but forgiveness brings you peace.

Every cell in your body physically wastes energy holding onto the memeories of the past.

Did you know, our cells are totally replaced every 7 years? How many memeories do you have of times prior to those 7 years? Facts: those are now embellished memeories, to justify your emotions.

Universal Love for Self

I have been doing this hard work for months right, magikally healing, doing SPELLWORK for soul connections, finding peace in old situations, taking accountability for my actions. I have manifested the same things for 6 months in all I do, my candles, my baths, my fires and my baby leaves, my words and my water, my body and my mind I have made magick happen daily. Listen. You dont havehave to sit in that situation that is draining your soul. That dead end job. That abusive situation. The universe will provide all you need when you show yourself some love. If you walked away today, and just knew you would be fine… guess what.. you wouldnt lack a bit. It’s all about how much love you have for yourself, which in turn turns into how much love you have for the universe since you are all things. I made the intention about a week ago to write a song. I’ve manifested this man, that I’ve designed for months, I literally spoke what I knew I deserved to the universe. . I’ve worked on healing sexually. Ive grown and sought knowledge on all levels. 3 days after making that decision to sing and write a song I met the man I’m seeing now. Hes a producer. Hes business smart. Hes powerful and doesn’t know it. His body is that of an Egyptian God. Hes funny, omg so funny. Our connection was that of love at first sight and it was a wrap. All my dreams in this man, down to his chocolate skin and beautiful smile.

But he wanted me to silence myself to appease the feelings of his mother and grandmother as they are jehovah’s witnesses…

I thought long and hard on what the outcome would be if I walked away. Lose ALL of this or Silence myself? For what? After being in hell for 33 years in silence? Noooo boo boo. I knew the universe would provide another opportunity for me. And I spoke my truth. I told him how I felt and he said, you know, your right. When I left my ex, I had nothing. Not even a working phone, just one I could use on wifi. I was without a car, job, and in a town that I had moved to in order to be with him. Both parents had passed away and I had no one to call for help. The situation had gotten so bad I was ready to leave walking. I had My kid, 100$ and my tarot cards. But I knew I would be just fine.I have been paying more and more attention to how I word things. I’m tired of always healing. So I’m healed. I have room for other things now..

I made it. I not only made it, I found myself.

You are magick.

Find it.

Dark Night Of the Soul

Dark night of the soul.. some of you are experiencing this right now. Remember when you’re doing Shadow work, you must breathe through the pain, deep, deep breaths. Inhale all of the good stuff and exhale of all of the negativity and all of the pain. Remember that emotions are energy in motion and whenever you breathe through its you allow them to flow instead of becoming a block in your body. When something becomes blocked in your body it Blocks Your Blessings, it Blocks Your Love, It blocks everything and that’s why you’re having to heal right now. Learning about breathe okwork can help you through these next few months. For me the dark night of the soul lasted the better part of a year. It began this time last year. And its transformed me into who I am today. It will feel like hell, like the tower is crumbling and it is. That’s because your vibration is Raising oh, and the people and things that are in your life now or vibrating at a lower vibration than where you’re headed. This is what you have asked for in your prayers.. Your attachments and trauma are what causes the pain. YOU ARE NOT YOUR TRAUMA. You are not your pain. Allow those energies to leave and get ready for your brand new life.


Love is such a mind blowing thing that has been shaped, changed, judged, and condemned in this life.

Let me be the first to tell you, when you open yourself up to the truth of love you’ll find peace and freedom. . .

I have changed my life so much just in this month. Healing my trauma has come up again. And its manifested in such a magnificent and spiritual way that it can only be from God, the Universe, Me…

So what is love? Everything has love in it. Love creates in this life. We are love, (light manifested), its our natural state. Love is the basis of All. When we embrace all that we are and begin to love all as we love ourselves and love ourselves as the Gods we are, then our lives change so rapidly. I have some testimonies of manifesting from just this past week. . I believe the two 24 hour instances weren’t incredibly amazing. And then third was right on point and took 72 hours at best, and would have never happened had I not embraced my freedom in whom I allow myself to love. I wont limit my love to one person, my kids, and my close friends. I will love anyone who I feel that connection with that I crave so much. I will love them until our own realities allow, and then I’ll allow a peaceful and bittersweet parting. . We love others on such different levels and that has been made to be wrong.. I love others a little different and more and little less.. but when it comes to love, it’s all allowed, It flows. Nothing in this life is constant, save Self and Love.
All at once my magick came to life in my reality on Jan 1. Last year, since June I took advantage of every moon cycle and did soulful connections Magick. Not just for me.. for the collective consciousness.. I did these magick spells and they are on my profile.. They are all happening.

Personally I believe my magick is so powerful now because of the self love I embrace, the freedom I allow my soul, and the Love I share with all you. I’m honoured to have these blessings and loves in my life. I’m honoured to be so free and so loving. I’m honoured to know who and what I am in this.
I’m excited to see what’s coming next.

CBD could be used to treat anti-biotic resistant superbugs

Breakthrough research suggests CBD (cannabidiol, which is derived from the cannabis plant) could be used to treat antibiotic-resistant infections like meningitis, legionnaires disease, even gonorrhoea, the second-most common sexually transmitted infection in Australia.   According to the University of Queensland, synthetic CBD showed it could kill the bacteria responsible for infections that have a history of being difficult to treat with current antibiotics on the market.   This major breakthrough, in partnership with Botanix Pharmaceuticals, could mean the first new class of antibiotics for resistant bacteria in 60 years, although there is still a lot of research still to be done before these treatments could hit pharmacies. Like what you see? Sign up to our bodyandsoul.com.au newsletter for more stories like this. Researchers are not exactly sure how, but they believe CBD manages to penetrate the bacteria’s cells. Image: UQ “This is particularly exciting because there have been no new molecular classes of antibiotics for Gram-negative infections discovered and approved since the 1960s, and we can now consider designing new analogs of CBD within improved properties,” UQ associate professor Mark Blaskovich said. “This is the first time CBD has been shown to kill some types of Gram-negative bacteria… These bacteria have an extra outer membrane, an additional line of defence that makes it harder for antibiotics to penetrate.” Researchers are not exactly sure how, but they believe CBD manages to penetrate the bacteria’s cells, killing its outer membrane. CBD oil is finally over the counter in Australia. Image: iStock. Superbugs pose a very dangerous threat to human existence, as our overuse of antibiotics has led to some germs’ evolution to being resistant to the drugs that should destroy them. Every year, they infect approximately two million people around the world. But rest assured, most people are unlikely to encounter a superbug during everyday life. Rather, most people who contract an antibiotic-resistant infection have myriad medical problems, have needed lots of antibiotics in the past, and eventually catch a superbug while in hospital.       Cannabis products have, until recently, been categorised as an illicit substance by the Australian government, but as regulations begin to dissolve the potential for this ingredient is getting larger by the day. 

CBD could be used to treat anti-biotic resistant superbugs

Infinite Self Healing

I send infinite love to all versions of myself. Thank you all for doing what you have to… you’re not alone. I love you all, to my inner child, baby hold on.. I’m with you… be strong, be at peace. I send you Protection and Angels.

So many thoughts come through my mind, and I was so curious. I knew love was with me through this life but it’s me. Writing love in the air… Angels in my door. When I was in jail, when I lost my mom and dad. It was me who held me, it was me who loved me through it all.

Everything exists all at once.. can you fathom this thought? All that trauma you went through, it’s happening now. All those spiritual syncretism… that’s now.

Looking back. I see.. it was always me. I had me. I never left me. The signs are so clear. I got me from here on out for damn sure. We Got this Baby.

This brings to mind the idea that maybe, our energies we experience now, may not have anything to do with our realities.. and maybe its our past version or future version going through something.

Self Refelction😉

“Everyone wants what they want and don’t care if anyone else needs anything. I’m not talking about materialistic things, food or money. I’m talking about what makes ppl happy. and what they try to do to make others happy. I try. that’s all I can do. as far as my happiness no one gives a damn. No one cares if I’m even alive. proof: my phone never rings. I don’t get texts crime friends saying how u doing. I don’t have co.workers calling me. my family hardly calls. I guess its my fault tho. the bitter ugly person I have become has ran everyone out of my life. maybe if more ppl cared I wouldn’t be like this at all.” POST FROM 2012

Let’s evaluate.

Phone never rings. Negative post. I had to truly find myself to understand that being a good friend got you good friends. And that it’s a two way street when it comes to relationships.  I didn’t like myself, I didn’t think about anyone else, except who I was loving at the time. I always talked about me.

My attitude was one of a victim. I had been hurt. What about me? What about my pain, what about the 4 months I lost…? What about my heart?  The sad truth, the world’s not going to stop spinning for your pain. You won’t recieve the purple heart in front of crowds. You won’t get validation or recognition. This life is not about you.. it’s about Experience, Love, Joy, Pain. Its about growth and wisdom and beauty. This life is about sharing and coming together in unity.

Looking back at the person I used to be, I am so damn proud to be who I am now. I adore looking at my memories. .

Let’s also look at the grammar and writing technique… I was not myself. My writing is, exquisite. How do you take this?

I find that I have grown so much in myself that I have learned, that we reflect who we are on the inside.

Manifesting and Music

What do you know about manifesting? I’ll give you a short version real quick and help you understand how you make your reality what it is.

We create everything around us through energy. We are vibrations and those vibrations effect how we perceive our lives. We think, and vibrations are sent out into the universe. We speak, and the same.

So, what’s your favorite music? Do you listen to music that brings you to a higher vibe? Do you listen to hateful and angry music? By all means have balance, but know… When you sing these songs, or rap them you’re also putting out vibrations.

In 2019 I got obsessed with a few songs that changed my life. One spoke of a love that I found months later. One spoke of not just preaching, and acting to make change in the world. And the other spoke of chemical addictions and I spent a 6 month period experiencing chemical reactions in my brain. (Those 6 months would change my life for the better).

Music can be wonderful and inspiring. You connect to your soul through singing and magick is done with music as well. Its proven that music changes the chemicals in the brain and can bring you from depressives states. Music can touch your heart and help you heal trauma.

What does this mean for you? Take time to evaluate the music you listen to. My playlists change often. I remove a song here and add one there. I like music that manifests magick, knowledge, and truth. I listen to a variety of things from Africa Spirituality to Rock to Rap.

I determine my music by the energy it puts out. I don’t avoid passionate songs that make me feel like I can protest and speak my mind.. but I avoid hate. I don’t like music that doesn’t make sense. Women and cars, money and all that mess can be for others, and I’ll jam to my dude Be, and my other favorite artists.

Be is a friend I met on facebook, around the time I lost my mother. He has taken his spiritual journey and made 3 albums so far. His music is highly addictive and available all over … He talks about all things spiritual in his music, and he tells what he feels daily. He doesn’t sugarcoat and will teach you about yourself through his words. Check him out 👇⤵️

“I create Music Infused with Pleiadian
Light language & Reiki Healing energy.

I write about my personal feelings & experiences throughout my Awakening
journey, Hoping to help others Heal &
not feel so alone.

Check out my music 👇

My website ► http://www.betherapper.com

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Please share this 🎼 with anybody out there struggling to relate, awakening alone & lost.


Call or Text @HOPELINENC for help: 877-235-4525
You talk, & They Listen
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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There are plenty of other artists who have some very enlightening and truthful music that can bring you closer to your goals. Use Google and find some new music so you can experience a different reality.

Some of my favorites: Chris Webby, Snow the Product, Sa-Roc, Oshun, John Legend, Be Bradley, Rittz, Yelawolf. Each artists has their good and low songs. I like them all.. but I don’t listen to them all on a regular basis. Its important to me to keep my music positive.

Your Reality is You.

Every time you complain about life, someone else, or something.. replace it with “i” and see how it sounds.

I.e. If people would actually act like they cared this life would be easier… if ‘I’ actually acted like I cared, This life would be easier.

See the difference? Caring about yourself is top priority and then you’re able to care for your family to perform at your job.

Do you allow yourself to be mistreated? Do you mistreat yourself? Do you allow yourself to be disrespected? Do you disrespect yourself?

There’s a direct reflection in your spiritual relationships and your physical, or biological relationships, and your reality. If you find it hard to connect with people, and to have good friends and relationships, It directly reflects your relationship with yourself.

When you start showing yourself the same respect you expect from others, and the same love you want from others, everything changes. There’s a great way of starting the build a relationship with yourself and it involves invoking your spirit guides, higher self angels, holy light, jesus, or spirit guides to assist you.

Most signs that you’re doing right, are getting the help you need, or are making the right choices are your blessings. You’ll find some money when you needed it or you will get a job opportunity will come about.

✨ Synchronicity
✨ Angel numbers, repeating 222, 333, etc
✨ You’re getting what you need and are thankful
✨ You see other signs, such as feathers, angels in the clouds, get chills, see golden dots or flakes around you…
✨ A general love for life, positive energy, and feeling of love.

Then there are signs your on the out and out on your path. Karma seems to be kicking your ass.. you can’t find the blessings in the lessons because you can’t see past how your emotions are making you feel, you feel alone, like no one cares. The darkness seems like a never ending battle. I’ve been here, stuck in a downward spiral. 🖤

So, ☝️☝️ If you’re on this path, and you’re wanting to establish your relationships with your guides, things you should consider:

❤️ How can you make your perspective shift to see the blessings?
❤️ How can you find the silver lining and grasp that energy?
❤️ How can I change my own personality to better suit my wishes and desires?
❤️ What things do I need to work on in myself in order to attract the relationships I desire?

This should not keep you from inviting your guides to help you, this is how you begin.. but you have to continue working, and growing, and changing for the better if you’re looking to have a relationship with your guides that is beneficial to your soul.

#spirituality #spiritguides #selfrespect #selflove

The power of Healing and Fogiveness

I like the mind. It’s so healing.. it’s where all our magick happens.

Ready to forgive yourself? This is powerful and even just reading it, begins the process subconsciously.

First, you have to understand that you have been blinded and lied to, and let down, and hurt and your actions were actions taken before you were aware of the things you know now. Just like forgiving a friend who is unaware of something, you can forgive yourself.

It’s important to forgive yourself so you can make room for the better, brighter you! It allows for release of things that you no longer need to carry with you. It also makes forgiving others alot easier.

So to begin with, find a quiet spot, close your eyes and imagine a white room. This room is totally empty, solid white walls and floor, and ceiling. This room is yours, it belongs to you, your new safe haven. This room will always belong to you, and you claim this space by walking over to each wall, and you write your name on each one, in big bold letters.. decorate your space as peaceful as you can.. put a cozy chair in the room, you can imagine that this room is filled with the holy light, the Angels come here to help you heal. Imagine this room is so peaceful, you never want to leave. Then know, that since you have created this room in your mind, you own it forever, it will only go away if you make it.

You notice a mirror on the wall across the room. You get up, and walk over to it. It’s beautiful and ancient. It has a gorgeous golden frame that feels like pure love. This mirror isn’t just any mirror.. you look at you and see a miraculous new you! A person you don’t know yet. Your higher self. She/he is looking back at you, and you see her change, she becomes the child you once were. The child who allowed things to happen that you didn’t like, just bc you felt like it was the only way. You see the sister/brother you were, you see the teenager you were, you see the mother/father/aunt/uncle you used to be. You see the things you did, the things you’re not so proud of.. and you see the you that was last year, and then months ago… This person is ever growing and changing for the better. You’re becoming the you that you wish to be.

So take time now, to look into your eyes.. and say these words “I forgive you, I forgive you totally and completely for anything you did before this point. I forgive you for not using your voice and saying no, I forgive you for not being there when someone needed you, I forgive you for self sabotaging behavior.. I forgive you.”

Then, take time to breathe. Relax, hold yourself metaphorically.. hug the inner child that you wish you could have protected. Feel her/his pain and heal it in this moment. Show yourself love, and accept that love from yourself. Embrace the GOD/GODDESS that you are. Stand In your power from this point on. Become the person you have been working to become for so long. Rise from the ashes and feel the love and the magic you have within you. 🖤

After you do this meditation…

I want you to say outloud;
While you hold your hand over your heart:

I love me, I love me. I love every ounce of me. I love my body. I love my life. I love my mind. I love my smile. I love every cell this body holds. I love my soul. I love my eyes. I forgive myself, for how I have been lately, and in the past. I forgive me for all those things that happened before this moment. I am sorry, and I will change from this point on.

Man, I thought the healing was deep till now. I’m blown away. I’m excited to see the the manifesting of this purging. Only one or two people know what I’m manifesting. It’s going to change my reality and the realities of those around me. The realizations, the epiphanies are insane today! ! Magick is happening.

Want to chase your healing? And quit being a victim? Find someone who triggers you and sit with it. Think it over. What are they reflecting? Put a side the projecting and observe. How are you like them and why? This can change your life.

See the truth of the life you live.

I have had two ppl block me over standing in my power. One wanted me to shorten my posts for his group. I said no. This is naturally written, I don’t sit down with the intention of writing two paragraphs.. I flow, Like a river.

The other, couldn’t handle the truth in what I had to tell her. She didn’t believe she could manifest a better life by changing her mindset from Can’t and Don’t to I Can and I Will.

I’m not always love and light, I will tell you the truth so that you see what you need to, and I expect the same back. I am not perfect. I’m still learning and growing myself.

In all your triggers, anger, and self pity, there is a truth that is keeping you in a victim mindset, expand past that… find the unbiased truth.

Man! Those Lessons. ❣😘🤩

Have you ever changed in an instant for someone? Like the second you found them your soul changed and nothing else mattered?

This is how things were with my ex. Nothing else mattered, and nothing else existed but us, our family and our love. But, my past haunted me through my own actions.

I lived a life lying to myself. I needed so much for so long, I was naturally just trying to make it, through ptsd, depression, being a single mother. . I hurt people on this path.

My intentions were to see how someone could help me, instead of showing love. Love had gotten me hurt. I had walks and blinders up because of the life I had growing up.

Yes, I’ve had things happen that shouldn’t have, and things I allowed to happen . I am no longer victim to those situations because I see clearly. I see the steps I took to get where I was each time and choices were mine and mine only. (After I was grown).

I take full accountability for this life and its lessons. Thank you. Each of you who upheld those contracts.

I knew something big was coming, and it’s so freeing. It’s so beautiful. I just realised the one thing that has been getting me caught up in every situation I have been in… and it was me. Being kidnapped. I took the drive, I could have refused. I could have stayed where I was and been happy with what I had. But no, I needed new experiences, change, I was searching for myself and I didn’t know it then. Any ounce of what I believed to be love was like going to the fair. And still is, the difference being I see true love now, and I see through lust.

My ex… I could have been honest. I could have been stronger in my boundaries, I could have used my voice more. I could have changed the whole situation, he would have done anything for me… but I wanted him. So I did what I thought he would want. Instead of loving myself enough to say no. It wasn’t him. It was me and my choices that lead to the abuse and anger.

I’m so humbled right now… life is clearly what you make it. Pay attention to the steps your taking now, and how they will effect your future.

Tiffany “Prim” Powell

I began this journey along the shores of Panama city beach, and deep within the wilderness of Florida’s inner Woodlands.

The sun on my skin spoke wisdom to each cell, the ocean waves crashing on the shore brought balance and resistance. The white sandy beaches showed me the purest of loves as a child. I remember dreaming of the water and the magick she spoke of.

Later I would learn about another glorious gift the natural world has to offer: psilocybin mushrooms. I indulged in epic doses and rewired my brain to see things from a new light.

I am psychic. A healer. A guide. A medium. An adventure seeker. An observer. A dream interpreter. A mentor. A witch. I am all. And I embrace all.

I live in the United states and practice my witchcraft and shamanism as a lifestyle, and career. My readings include alot more than just pulling cards. I can read any energy. I can manifest instantly.

My magick is natural and I’ve done some deep work to get it tweaked to this point. But I still have lots of work to do… This journey is neverending.

I Am All

I am my Mother, in all her grace. A healer, and charmer, she carried her broken heart as well as she could. So proud to be her, so much power in her words. I am my Mother.

I am my Father, his musical soul, a guitar on my knee and a song in my heart. I am his wisdom and all his love. I am his best, his power, and his trauma.

I am my Sister and ln all her ignorance, we have ll been here before.. Absolute certainty of knowledge of all, before we knew shit. I am my sister, in all her love and forgiveness, in all her ups and all her downs.

I am my Brother, in all his strength, and all his fearlessness. I am his sorrow and his resentments. I am his confusion and all his weakness. I am his protection, his warrior streak.

I am My Daughter in all her worry, and all her fear. I am my daughter, and all her dreams of the future. I am my daughter, with love in her eyes and faith in her heart, I am her happiness and pure joy, I am her innocence and all her laughter.

I am my friends. In all their love, they stretch their wings. We are one in the same my loves. I am their pain, their loss, their fears and their tears. I am their uncertainty, their unknowing.. I am my friends smiles and happy tears as well. I am Them.

I am this planet, in all its changes, in all the growth and all the famine. I am that I am. A goddess foreseen.

I am the sky, in all her glory, the moon in and the stars floating by. I am the clouds in all their secrets, and the rain in all its beauty.

I am the light, coming back to Me. Unity. Oneness. I am That I Am. I am freedom. I am Love.

Listen to your Heart

Listen to your heart .. but not that heart you have right now. Not the one you carry under all the burdens, heaviness, and pain. First, you must let some things go.

You are a star. ✨🥀

Shine bright ✨

Light the way for others. 🥀✨

Repeat after me, only of you’re willing and ready. ✨👑

I give my soul to the Holy Light to fight evil for eternity, and I ask the Angels to heal me so I may do my work. I accept my mission and I am ready for change. I release what no longer serves my highest good and the highest good of humanity. I take my stand, and I make my mark on this world through Love and Compassion. I Step Back and Allow my Higher Self to Drive. ❤️🥀✨

✨🌹 What calls your name? What tugs at your soul? What sings to you through the leaves of the trees, what whispers your name when the wind blows? 🌬️🌲

Do you wish to work with hemp, replacing plastic and cleaning up gaia? ✨🌹

Would you like to work with oceanic technology? Making ground breaking discoveries and cleaning the oceans? 🌊

Would you like to work with space technology, and the breakthroughs we are about to go through? 👽

Does the education system call to you? Would you like to see changes and growth implemented into our education system? Transforming it into a new world system? 🌍

Does saving the animals beckon you? Making changes in our ecosystems through saving the animals from being killed for our food? 🥒🌎

Does the healthcare field peak your interest? Holistic healing globally? 🌲🌹✨

What calls to you? Listen for the call.. your heart will beat fast, you’ll get excited and gets ideas… Quiet your mind … Release what you no longer need, close your eyes, ask your guides to assist you for your highest good… And see your future.. what are you doing ?? How are you doing it ?? What new technologies do you see? Do you see guides around you? What do you feel? Deep breaths, what do you hear??