Heal thyself

Your body has enzymes that heal it naturally. From the second you’re born, you begin healing all the time. If you decide to quit smoking, your body will hear you and begin healing itself naturally. You can speak to your cells, show them love, visualize yourself healed, and mix it with a calming environment and harmony to physically extend your life.

Our DNA Has specific enzymes to heal and extend the life span of each cell. If you can change your perspective you can change your physical self. If you believe you can heal yourself, you’ll be able to.

You don’t have to look at growing old as growing weak, young, and brittle. Your body will work as well as you push yourself. You can live to be 120, 150, or even 200. This has been proven and can be looked up online. Each and every person who has lived this long, show a Loving experience as their building block to longevity.

I had someone tell me the other day, I looked 15. I couldn’t imagine looking so young, but it all makes sense. Love and Light make you look younger, peace makes you look younger. Compassion makes you look younger. Live longer and live smarter. . Manifest the life you truly desire. Do you believe in yourself?

I’d like to share the idea that psilocybin mushrooms also help in rewiring the brain and have been used in studies involving ptsd, depression, and other traumatic experiences. I can vouch for their effectiveness.

Been channeling tonight! Some if life’s lessons and the answers! I hope it helps someone!
1. Avoid abuse. Some need it spelled out. If someone hits you, parent, bf, gf, aunt, uncle, this is abuse.. if someone talks down to you, calls you names “genius” “dumbass” “stupid” this is abuse, if someone doesn’t let you be you, tells you that you “can’t” … Makes you give them your phone, makes you feel like shit..

Your answer here: Leave. You will keep being put through hell until you do.

2. Oppression. Avoid oppression. When someone has “religious beliefs” that require you to say, I’m not a witch, when you really are .. leave them alone. Avoid it.

3. Being Broke. Not having money, means you need to place a higher value on the important things in life, and quit getting pointless past food and starbucks when you have a few extra $.

4. Depression, this is a lesson as well. This is a disease and I’m not saying it’s easy to heal. But the depression comes from you not listening to your conscience.. if you know something isn’t right, and you watch it happen without speaking up.. if you aren’t happy with how your life is going, if you’re hating your job..

Your answer: make changes in your life and your soul so that morals and values are shifted to what’s right and pure hearted.

This is all I can think of right this second.

I feel like addiction belongs here. This is a lesson too, how do you heal addiction? Or even some mental illness?? Heal your past trauma. Heal your soul.

Breathe through it. When the pain creeps in, and you can’t see clearly, breathe. When that lump forms in your throat, from all the lack of understanding, and all the darkness just breathe. Deep, steady breathes and let the tears fall. Then take your hand and wipe the energy from your forehead, up and over your head and down your neck. This releases the energy and allows you to heal some. Loop

Holistic Healing

So I’m a more than a little silly when I actually get to did the things I love, like making my own waters! I am going on a 7 day detox, eating only salads and fruit. Did you know food colours are for a reason? They are associated with chakras. Tomatoes and other red fruits and veggies heal the root chakra; oranges and mangos- the sacral chakra and so on.

So I bought all the things I needed to make healing water for each chakra! And depression water! What’s that you ask? When you eat yellow and orange together, it brings in joy and kills depression! So I’ll be making some pineapple and orange water for this coming detox!

I’ve done some research and I’ll type up what I have and what I’ve done. In the past I’ve made orange water. It gave me so much energy I went crazy over it. I drank big bottles of it daily, for about a week while watching what I brought into my system carefully. I also charged the water in the sunlight for about 30 mins. This give you all sorts of light codes and information, plus vitamin D.

Today I made lemon-lime water. Did you know citrus is very good for killing infection? Adding it to your water can help you relieve your system of all sorts of infection. Lemons and limes both support weight loss and aid in digestion. They are both full of antioxidants and provide electrolytes for energy. Limes rejuvenate the skin, (don’t out directly on the skin, ingest them), they prevent cancer and help with heart disease. Limes are a great source of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. They carry Vitamins ABCD. Limes lower high blood pressure and assist in Healing the heart chakra. Lemons detox your liver, freshen your breathe, reduces pain and inflammation, soothes respiratory problems, and are high in vitamin ABC. Lemons also treat gallstones and heal the solar plexus chakra.

I cut these into pieces small enough to go through my water bottle top, you may have to drink some of the water to have room for your fruits. I let them set in the sun for about 30 mins, and then drink up!

Today I made blueberry, blackberry, and purple grape water to assist with my top 3 chakras. I will do the research on these and post as well.

In the past I have used cucumber water and will again this week. Cucumbers are full of electrolytes, and are great for your hair and nails, they assist in reducing the bags under our eyes. They are high in vitamin ABC and flush toxins from your body. They help maintain your kidneys and support the immune system.

I’ve got so much more to do this week!

Let’s unblock your root chakra ❀️. You must let go of fear. What is making you feel fear? Remember, all things come down to love or fear. This means negative emotions like anger, anxiety, hate, frustration, sadness; are all coming from a root cause of fear. How can you face this, or release it? Start by saying this outloud: I Release false beliefs that bring about fear in my life. I fill that empty space with faith, love, and light.

Your sacral chakra 🧑, It’s associated with guilt. Guilt comes from us doing things we shouldn’t do, and traumas that have made us believe that the negative occurrences were our fault. Forgive yourself for everything you did before this moment, before this perspective. Because you did not know any better. Forgive yourself for staying too long, for not speaking up, for being the bad guy. Forgive yourself to unblock your sacral chakra.

To unblock your solar plexus πŸ’›, you must let go of shame. Shame comes from guilt and fear. Shame is biggest and truest when we truly act against love. Shame isn’t meant to stay. It’s meant to teach you a lesson. Repeat after me: I release any shame associated with the past, present it future. I replace shame with love and light.

Your heart chakras healing πŸ’š requires you to release grief. Loss and fear are responsible for grief. This is a process that is meant to teach you, not stay as an emotion all the time. Repeat after me: I release grief. What was lost, was not truly lost, but changed and moved. Grief does not exist in my body anymore. I replace grief with love and light.

To unblock your throat chakra πŸ’™ you must stop lying to yourself. This comes with knowledge and growth, and learning who you truly are and the life you’re living without knowing it. You must stand in your power and speak up when you’re right. You must quit letting people walk all over you. You must take responsibility for your own actions.

Your third eye chakra πŸ’™ holds the illusions (separation),and innerstanding that everything is connected. Oneness must be realized before this chakra is opened. Know that your third eye holds truth and seek truth to find this new world within you. Repeat after me: I seek truth and knowledge of who I truly am. I seek connection to my higher self.

The crown chakra πŸ’œ is blocked by attachments (people,places,things) in the material realm. You just let go of attachments to all in this life. You have nothing to take with you when you leave this earth. Only your soul goes. Attachments are the cause of alot of pain through your life as well. Love without owning and needing.

Class is in!

Strawberry Water! Strawberries are red, and what’s do we know? Red fruit and veggies heal the root chakra. Your chakra associated with stability, security, and fundamental needs for survival. When this chakra is blocked you can live in “survival” mode, or when it’s overstimulated, you can feel less grounded, and like life is somewhat a dream. Healing and activating this chakra can bring you balance throughout your life.

The strawberry water I’ve made is high in Vitamin C, Manganese, B-9. This is a powerful little energy drink, full of electrolytes and antioxidants. It’s a great drink to lower blood pressure and cleanse the blood. It’s perfect for lowering blood sugar and maintains the heart, and delivers carbs needed to get my day started! Did you know strawberries were part of the rose family?

Charge it in the sunlight for so much more healing power!

Simply slice your strawberries small enough to fit into the mouth of your bottle of fresh, fluoride free water, and let sit about 30 mins.

Sometime between april 5 and the 19th of 2019… this song changed my life.

A journal entry β˜†β™‘β˜†

It’s hard to imagine I went to the mental hospital twice after this. I guess that’s the lesson, rapid growth, changes I couldn’t handle.. but my seeking began early and I had protection.. I learned and grew in that place.. both times. I helped others as well. And it was part of my healing, to discover I too was a healer. I was told this and didnt believe it.. The old me, wouldnt have believed what I know now!!!! β˜†β™‘β˜†β™‘β˜†

Leave that abusive situation

It’s 4am and I’m awake. Mostly bc I’ve had nightmares for two nights and couldn’t cope for a minute. I messaged a couple of my friends who are up, and I’ve done affirimations to remain calm in my dreams, and gain control.

In doing this, I discovered something fucking incredible. Listen, if you’re in an abusive situation, and you got kids, if you’re wanting out but can’t get out, walk away.. take your phone, your wallet, and when your kids get on the school bus in the morning, get on with them.. tell the bus driver it’s an emergency..

When you get to the school, I guarantee they get u help. In a dream I had just last night, I was escaping an abusive situation just like this.. it’s not out of the ordinary.. it’s perfect.. and I promise you’ll be safe!

Once that bus driver knows what’s up, they will help you! You have ppl to help, you just have to see it. Abuse is terrible, it’s bad for you, for your kids, for your animals, and no one I mean no one has the right to abuse you! I don’t care what you did. No one. Has. A. Right. To. Abuse. You!!!

Please, I beg you, copy and paste this! Spread it around. I’m having these dreams bc I’m so connected to the collective and there’s so many that still need saving. I won’t suffer nightmares with no outcome! Something good will come of this.

Leave. Leave that abusive situation. Leave that suppressive situation. Make your life yours. Quit living for your husband or wife, quit living for your job, or even your kids and embrace the fact that you, yes You deserve what you desire.

You’re NOT here to make others happy. You’re not here to be made to do the things that make you feel like a terrible being. You’re NOT HERE to be made to feel like you’re not good enough!

I’ll be the first to tell you you’re a GOD, a GODDESS! You deserve to be treated like you are love and light. You deserve to live your passion. You deserve to be HAPPY!!

You’re an amazing star, traveling through this life as a human, here to experience all you desire to experience. We’ve been abused, used, mistreated, abandoned, walked all over and it’s time to stand up!!!

Stop dealing with it!! No excuses!! Make the change TODAY that will end it!! PUT YOUR FAITH in GOD that he has your back! Call it GOD, THE UNIVERSE, SOURCE however you want to put it. IT has YOUR Back!! Embrace the miracles that could be yours if you simply loved yourself enough to stand in your power and demand the respect you deserve!!!

Saging my home.

Saging my home.

I start by lighting my candle. I try to religiously keep a candle lit around me. I’ll even carry it from room to room with me when I’m working.

I light my sage off the candle light. If you don’t have alot of time, torches work well for getting the sage lit quickly.

Go to your front door and walk through your home, going to every cabinet, every closet, the attack and open them up and wave the sage in front of them.. or in them. Make sure to get the refrigerator, and stove. Then go in a complete circle, back to the front door, and wave the energy out the door.

As I’m going through the house I say something like this:

“All negativity in this home is demanded to leave, with love and peace. You are no longer allowed here. This house belongs to the light. I ask the holy light to come in, and fill this house with protection and love. I ask the angels to dwell here an sleep all within safe.”

I repeat this as I safe the whole time. You can change this up.. make it your own. But this has allowed me to remove negative entities from homes with great success.

Sage isn’t the only way to cleanse your home though. You can use sound, clapping, high vibrational music, you can hold a stone in your hand, use a candle, use salt, use essential oils or inscense.. it’s about your intentions when you’re doing it.

*Edited* always walk clockwise through your home.

Why do this? Sage is very sacred to our ancestors and is used in blessing and removing negative energies from People, Altars, Cars, Homes, and Offices. The list can go on and on. Sage clears negativity and brings about positive energy.


I remember this day last year. I was with the love of my life, I had just moved in a little over a month before.

I had found my twin. Love ran Wild. I saw the golden energy of love between us, physically! The most incredible feeling came from this time in my life. All my puzzles fit together. Everything I had been missing in this life, was this man. My one true love.

Security, stability, knowledge oh the knowledge. My mind went crazy with love for all he knew. I had prayed for this man and he manifested me into his life, dreaming of a woman who wouldn’t argue and make him look silly, someone who could help him heal and be good to his girls. I was his Queen.

But we allowed our love to die and fall into abuse and I found out things couldn’t go anywhere positive and left. It was the most magickal and painful time of my life and I don’t regret it a bit.

He was my devil and I was his angel and we met at the lines of heaven and hell and danced in love.

Do I still love him? Of course. I send him healing a lot and pray he recieves. I wish we could still talk and maybe we will in the future.

I won’t settle for a love less than Golden Magick. Prior to this, I didn’t know real love. I didn’t know truth, (unbiased), I didn’t know my own truth. I only knew what I thought was true, and I was made to see different… I now love fully, with my whole heart…

Thank you.. for showing me all that you did, for I wouldn’t be me if you hadn’t.

Thankful for all the pain and all the love.


Remember, my beliefs and yours do not have to match for us to vibe. All love πŸ™πŸ˜

This post has been coming for awhile, I just haven’t had the clarity to write it. I want to start by thanking the All KNOWING, Source, God, Which ever you prefer.

Growing up I always knew there was two main energies in our heavens whom we prayed to.. all religions blew my mind and I couldn’t fathom how the man trumped woman throughout history. I knew there had to be something different.

I always knew there was a Male and Female God/Goddess that ruled the universe, I knew it in my soul. I also know that there is the singulaity, both are aspects of the same being. The sky has always amazed and hypnotized, I knew my home was not of this planet, my soul is from elsewhere.

Through personal journeys and experiences I have had the honour of learning. Night and day, fire and water, this balance is found in every microverse as well.. polarity and magnetism.

The balance in life is as prominent as the Sun and the Moon. Father Light and Mother Darkness. He’s your protection and knowledge, the light in the dark.. She’s your shadow, your pain and your freedom.

In life you need balance like the yinyang. Take time to manifest your blessings and heal your past. Take time to be humble and confident. Take time to show love and Express your passion. Serve others and yourself. Eat good, and when you feel you need.. eat a piece of junk. Have structure and float on a whim. Find balance and peace amongst the chaos.

Your journey is all about finding that balance, and controlling yourself through the chaos.

Manifesting tonight I cried after seeing some things in my mind eye. I felt so I for what I’m I’m to be doing soon, I felt so much love.

Sitting in the ritual bath tonight, I heard the voice of the universe say, “Thank you Tiffany” and I cried. I couldnt do anything but hug myself. She listens my loves, She hears you and so does He. They are you. You are the All Knowing. You are both the sun and the moon, the power and freedom, the light and dark.

My soul speaks to me through expression. I have a sun and moon tattoo from 11 years ago. I feel its perfectly appropriate.

The Sun and its Blessings

The sun is my Magick, My medicine. I’ve needed it so much. I feel so much balance now. Coming back to myself. I’m proud.

Balance is needed in humans. You can’t always be high, because you have to purge to gain. When we shed our trauma and we do shadow work, we are removing blockages. When we remove something, nature will naturally replace it. It’s the way energy flows..

I know something big is coming. I spent almost 3 weeks purging. I asked for the life I’m about to have and I’m ready for it. I’m the Owner of a Brand New business, Filing taxes for the first time as a Business Owner. I am successful at what I’m doing and have been for the better part of two years. I’ve lived off my profits for 7 months, raising my daughter.

I’ve earned the Blessings I’m Recieving. I have done the work and purged the hurt, but I’m not done I’m chasing this healing. I’m cornering it and making it present itself. I have huge goals. I’m networking outside of Facebook, I have made a successful website. I am opening a merch store and an Etsy shop.

By the end of 2021, I will have a physical shop. I will be doing hands on healing from a shop, in person and I’ll be changing my town. I Am All. I have this already.

Sometimes, blessings don’t show up as a check or money or opportunity.. sometimes it shows up as knowledge, wisdom, and great connections.

My blessings show themselves through power and magick. Manifestings show up in my reality all the time, and this is no different…I have been shown how to make things happen and it’s up to me to make them happen. Im not waiting on the best time to chase my dreams, my story started from nothing. I was made to depend on my cards and intuition for survival. I’ll chase my dreams as long as I can fly and the sun is shining.

Futuristic Thoughts

Thinking in the future.

Take time to manifest a change in brain by thinking in the future instead of in the past. This begins a cycle of manifesting that is totally different than what you’re used to.

Really think about how long you spend thinking about things that happened in the past. They say 95 or 97 % of humans repeat the same thoughts daily. Well no wonder you’re life isn’t going anywhere for you. Cycles are real.

So you have to Think. Feel. ACT.

Think about what it is you want. Visualize it. See you having it. And keeping it. How does it Feel? Are you grateful for it?
Now that you have that energy, get up and take some steps in that direction. This is how you begin visualizing your future.

While you’re doing this, become aware of your words. Claim the things you will have in your future. State them as if you have them now.

And then make the intention to become aware of this, with a certain topic. Say for instance, you see something associated with your goal, you make the intention to repeat your manifesting. Affirmations written down and carried with you is a beautiful way of doing this.

But you can’t become obsessed. You must work in humbleness and grace to obtain these dreams. You must also have faith. Without faith you’ll not manifest anything positive. The universe will act in your favor, in accordance to the attention you give your dreams.

What will you be in the future? A leader? Teacher? Singer? Mom?

What will you have? Money? Wisdom? Cars? Houses?

What will you do? Help others? Bring about new ideas and ways of life? How will you live from here on out?

Will you make the changes your soul calls for?

I have been inspired to really sit down and make some hard core, life long goals. Money, homes, ministries, parks… I want my hand in all of it. I want change worldwide…. we are making it happen.


Expectations. What do you hold others up to? What standards do you set for yourself?

I’ll share my thoughts on expectations … They cause you pain. Waiting on someone to do stand up to anything you expect of them, will only make you miserable.

Let that shit go.

I don’t have expectations of others. By this I don’t mean, I don’t expect others to take accountability or responsibility for thier own actions, contracts, or parenting. When it comes to my direct household, I do have expectations, but I don’t hold attachment to those expectations.

Expecting someone out in public, to be respectful… This is something I don’t do. I’m never suprised when I see the rudness and ugliness in the world. For some reason, it’s all old news. No expectations of humans with your free will, temptations, and simple immediate pleasures.

How then, do you ask, do I let this go? Well, have you been let down before? Have you had someone you expected to come through, break your heart? You’re can see the desire to release yourself from that emotion, yes?

But, have you also done those things? Have you been that person who was using someone for money, Loved someone bc they looked good and we’re popular?

I know I have sat back and replayed things over in my head. And I’ve come to see over these last few years, that I was not innocent in my actions throughout the years.

I now hold Myself to standards and morals and values that I love my day to day life by… I am honest. To a fault I am honest. Maybe when some think it wouldn’t benefit, I’m still truthful… This is bc I lived a life lying to myself. I lived a life saying woe is me, it’s not my fault.. I’m not responsible. And I know there are many out there, still doing this. I don’t expect honesty out of others, but it’s a nice blessing to see when it’s present.

I am loyal. No question there. But I don’t expect loyalty from others. I was once not so loyal. We each have our own path. This Understanding allows me to release the need to receive any emotion attached to this.

I am pure hearted. I do the things I do out of love. I don’t explain myself, or try to do things to impress others. I am Love. I operate from love. But, at one time I was not pure hearted. Not intentionally, but greedy, looking out for me. Trying to make ends meet and using others to do so. Therefore I understand why people are selfish and greedy.

Understanding will bring peace.


I saw what most consider God once. There’s not a man, sitting on a throne, making angels bow to him constantly. God appeared to me, in the midst of a ritualistic cleansing. I felt and knew I had gone to hell in those minutes. I saw and felt what I knew as Hell. Fire wasn’t present though, nothing of the sort. Just darkness, grey and black and red. I remember calling on Him to save me. And he appeared as something almost just like the pic below. A beautiful, golden light, a picture or slide show it might seem, of nothing but peace and love. After that moment my life changed forever. I gave my soul to the light to fight evil for eternity. My God/Goddess/Source showed me the truest of mercy when my soul needed it most, I called and there IT was. Floating closer until I couldn’t move and was paralyzed in glory. People who tell me that darkness doesn’t exist often find hollow ears here.. not to be rude at all. Reality is subjective to our perspective. My experience in this life has far surpassed my expectations. πŸ’šβ€οΈπŸŒπŸŒ²πŸ™


I Am,

The most powerful words you can speak.

Let me humble you a bit,

To what I believe.

I am The lady in the grocery store, who can’t afford the milk. Eyes telling you she’s afraid to go home.

I am the child, staring back at myself, starving and fearful. Afraid of what the next day may not bring.

I am that elderly lady, who lives alone on your block. Afraid to open her door at night.

I am that Soldier, who can no longer think straight.

I am that teenager, running away from home.

I am that Cop, shooting first and asking questions later,

I am that nurse, crying with her feet and back aching, while she works to save others.

I am the orphans, alone and afraid.

I am the Native American, Black, Hispanic ethnicities that have been so hurt at the hands of evil.

I am the lost, the Hurt, the stolen and meek. I am the heart that beats within.

I am the daughter and son who aren’t good enough, I am the baby born of misfortune.

I am You and You are me, each reflecting what needs to be seen.

It’s up to us, as we are Gods, to change this world and find peace. It’s up to us, to find common ground and stand against hate.

Your Path

A thought. You’re never on the wrong path. Your path leads you to lessons and tests, or peace, no matter where it takes you. There is no wrong choice, save hurting someone intentionally. ..

We walk at our own pace, through this life, making the best of it. We learn things as we need to in the time we need to or its presented to us again, most times, more intense than before.

This thought is sparked by a conversation I had, that said, (and I quote) we must raise the rest of humanity to 5D.

No, we must not. They must take steps on their own to get to their end result. You cannot push someone down a path, and not allow them to learn.. I ascended in June I believe, and helped several come to the realization that life is what you make it since then. But you can only lead a horse to water. I only plant seeds. That’s all anyone can do, so why then, do you push so hard for perfection when all of life is perfect, balanced, and beautiful?

Live and Let Live

This life is yours to live.

Don’t let anyone tell you that being sad or down is a bad thing, damn sure dont let them tell you that it makes them sad. Our emotions come from within us. We are responsible for our own feelings and no one else’s. We are water, and the moon effects us just like the tides. We are also balanced, and when we are happy alot, we must experience lows.

The key is to know when you need a break from the high life, loving vibes that you strive for. We all get drained when it’s time to wind down. Listen to your body. You’re not tired for no reason. Allow for balance. When you’re low get bubble baths and light candles. It’s the most important time for self love.

It’s also worth taking note that you should only stay low or in a sad state as long as you need that rest or healing. Make affirmations to make yourself happy when you know it’s been too long. The average low mood should only last a few hours to maybe 1 day.

Past Lives

Poll: 1. Do you know your past lives?

2. Were you a bad or good person in a past life?

3. How does that relate to this life?

I believe I had a past life in the 1400s where I killed a man, and his wife; a lesson that carried on into this life. I was a bad bad witch, I had a black cat that I remember plain as day. I remember the time distinctly. The dream I had was also dissected during a mushroom trip when asking, who am I?

I was shown..

I read something that said… your parents in this life are a direct reflection the energy you left on this planet when you died in the past life. You must be conceived into the same vibration and learn from your mistakes.

I was born into this life, in a family laden with abuse. It doesn’t surprise me at all to hear this info.

What do you think about this?

Sex Magick

“Breathe deep” my inner voice spoke so clearly and my body went limp. Relax. Breath. Flow.

A golden ankh appeared in my mind’s eye. The power and sacred symbol showing me my power in this Now.

His tongue sliding around my inner thighs, his hands filling my body with love, in this moment.. he was mine. My God, My Submissive. He sipped every bit of my divinity drop by drop, worshipping my yoni with great care.

He made love to my soul, inhaling my love, through my most precious and sacred of body parts.

Breath deep.

I felt my energy flowing and I relaxed in that moment… my body falling so fast into ecstasy.. stars filled my eyes and I was one with the universe, one with the sun. I saw sun shining down on me, the very breath of light that is me became a The Goddess I am.

One with the universe.
One with the sun.

My body, relaxed and limp flowed with rainbow light and love and magick.. into his head as I guided his mouth my hands.

My body became the darkness and stars were shining bright… my soul swirled with passion and love for the God who brought me this magical moment of great, healing, love.

Time stood still, the oceans sang, the wind fell. All that is and was exploded within me. He is the truth.

Divine Truth and Magick

How do you view sexuality?

I feel like this. I won’t allow anyone to claim me as theirs, bc I know the power that gets taken from me within those beliefs. I believe we love others as we wish, sexually or otherwise as long as it’s pure and honest, and we move along with our own purpose. I should be able to love anyone and everyone, and if I want to experience sexual experiences with them, I should be able to without losing my power. So, in essence. I believe sex is a very sacred practice that has been used and abused to trap humans in cycles and demonic activity. Sex is something that souls EXPERIENCE. It should be made as so. It should be for intention. Not blindly. It’s magick. Having sexual experiences without intent is like casting blind.

Sex is an energy exchange, made to create things.. the reason we create babies during this time. Sex manifesting is the most real form of manifesting because chemicals are different in your brain. So when you engage in sex with just anyone, you’re asking for problem. This is why sexual crimes cause such problems for us. It’s literally manifesting hate into our being.

Sexual healing is a real thing, and it can effect your fertility. If you have been through hard sexual trauma, not having a baby is normal. If you do some intense healing, you will be able to conceive.

In this life, we all find those to teach us lessons, to make us see truths.. these people are most important on our journey.

But there comes a time when a Goddess finds her Match.

The rest of this life will be spent with a God. He won’t have superficial ideas, or talk about others. He won’t be ran by ego or fear.

He won’t degrade or look down on others.

He won’t hurt or lie to others.

He will walk in truth. His head held high beside his Goddess. I won’t settle again.

And I Will be All He Needs.

Beware the traps. This has been coming to me. I am communicating more and more with source and less with angels. The messages I’m getting, are explaining traps of this life. “The enemy” as so many like to call it… Whoever and whatever it may be… Has many traps. Spiritual traps as well. This life is about experience, observation and love. We are in a school some say, in a game some say, in a matrix some say… Guess what? I’m in a chair, in a house, in a life. I don’t care about the rest. The infinite NOW is what truly brings about peace. I won’t try to focus and manifest my best life and stress over whether the sky is blue or pink. I AM living in the Now. I hereby decree that I release my soul fr any and ALL agreements and contracts… And give my Higher Self Full reign. I won’t be caught up in the “keeping up with the Joneses” of spirituality, where it’s a competition to get to ascension and you miss your whole path trying to show others how to find theirs. I wont be caught up in the “good vs. evil” of society any longer. I am Love. I will be love. I will live and let live. I will share my message, I will speak my truth, I will help those I’m led to help, and I will enjoy my Now.. in every moment. I won’t be pushed, by light or otherwise. I won’t be trapped, by ego or otherwise. I won’t be manipulated, by life or spirit. I Will and Am Living in my eternal Now, Now. It’s my time. This year coming, it will be for me. I stand in my Power, I claim this life for Me. I hope you ride along and learn something, or teach something. πŸ‘ŒI AM FREE, Completely, and utterly free.#UniverseConspiresInMyFavor

Tunnel vision is a real thing. Broaden your awareness. Stretch your perspective. Don’t get caught up in arguing, and get sidetracked from your goals. Anything that keeps you from seeing truths is a trap.

Leave that abusive situation

It’s 4am and I’m awake. Mostly bc I’ve had nightmares for two nights and couldn’t cope for a minute. I messaged a couple of my friends who are up, and I’ve done affirimations to remain calm in my dreams, and gain control.

In doing this, I discovered something fucking incredible. Listen, if you’re in an abusive situation, and you got kids, if you’re wanting out but can’t get out, walk away.. take your phone, your wallet, and when your kids get on the school bus in the morning, get on with them.. tell the bus driver it’s an emergency..

When you get to the school, I guarantee they get u help. In a dream I had just last night, I was escaping an abusive situation just like this.. it’s not out of the ordinary.. it’s perfect.. and I promise you’ll be safe!

Once that bus driver knows what’s up, they will help you! You have ppl to help, you just have to see it. Abuse is terrible, it’s bad for you, for your kids, for your animals, and no one I mean no one has the right to abuse you! I don’t care what you did. No one. Has. A. Right. To. Abuse. You!!!

Please, I beg you, copy and paste this! Spread it around. I’m having these dreams bc I’m so connected to the collective and there’s so many that still need saving. I won’t suffer nightmares with no outcome! Something good will come of this.

Leave. Leave that abusive situation. Leave that suppressive situation. Make your life yours. Quit living for your husband or wife, quit living for your job, or even your kids and embrace the fact that you, yes You deserve what you desire.

You’re NOT here to make others happy. You’re not here to be made to do the things that make you feel like a terrible being. You’re NOT HERE to be made to feel like you’re not good enough!

I’ll be the first to tell you you’re a GOD, a GODDESS! You deserve to be treated like you are love and light. You deserve to live your passion. You deserve to be HAPPY!!

You’re an amazing star, traveling through this life as a human, here to experience all you desire to experience. We’ve been abused, used, mistreated, abandoned, walked all over and it’s time to stand up!!!

Stop dealing with it!! No excuses!! Make the change TODAY that will end it!! PUT YOUR FAITH in GOD that he has your back! Call it GOD, THE UNIVERSE, SOURCE however you want to put it. IT has YOUR Back!! Embrace the miracles that could be yours if you simply loved yourself enough to stand in your power and demand the respect you deserve!!!

Oneness and Meditation

To the woman, lost in pain, suffering and confused, barely making it for her kids, I am Your Sister. To the man, walking in guilt, knowing his wrongs, and hurting as he goes, I am your Sister. To the teenager, bullying the kids at school, because of the home life you live, I am your Sister. To the preacher, putting fear in the hearts of millions, I am your Sister. The Colonel Fighting the wars of earth, I am your Sister. To the president, to the prostitutes, to the addicts and to the poor, I am Your Sister. To the liars, thieves, and manipulators, I am your Sister. We each have path, your deeds don’t make your worth. You are worthy of love, of a friend. You are worthy of healing, and I am your Sister.

There’s a direct reflection in your spiritual relationships and your physical, or biological relationships. If you find it hard to connect with people you’ll find it hard to connect with spirit.

I woke to a message asking me how to connect to your spirit guides. It’s as simple as saying, I invite my spirit guides to assist me in my daily life.

But you can’t leave it there. It’s like church, ritualistic, habit. You have to work at it, practice, it doesn’t come easily at first.

Most people seek clear cut, perfect visions of what they are asking. But there’s so much more to it than just “seeing”… You have to See.

Most signs that you’re doing right, are getting the help you need, or are making the right choices are your blessings. You’ll find some money when you needed it or you will get a job opportunity will come about.

✨ Synchronicity
✨ Angel numbers, repeating 222, 333, etc
✨ You’re getting what you need and are thankful
✨ You see other signs, such as feathers, angels in the clouds, get chills, see golden dots or flakes around you…
✨ A general love for life, positive energy, and feeling of love.

Then there are signs your on the out and out on your path. Karma seems to be kicking your ass.. you can’t find the blessings in the lessons because you can’t see past how your emotions are making you feel, you feel alone, like no one cares. The darkness seems like a never ending battle. I’ve been here, stuck in a downward spiral. πŸ–€

So, ☝️☝️ If you’re on this path, and you’re wanting to establish your relationships with your guides, things you should consider:

❀️ How can you make your perspective shift to see the blessings?
❀️ How can you find the silver lining and grasp that energy?
❀️ How can I change my own personality to better suit my wishes and desires?
❀️ What things do I need to work on in myself in order to attract the relationships I desire?

This should not keep you from inviting your guides to help you, this is how you begin.. but you have to continue working, and growing, and changing for the better if you’re looking to have a relationship with your guides that is beneficial to your soul.

Mediation. Let’s talk about it.

It’s alot easier than you think, if you haven’t done it. And if you have done it with no luck, guess what.. try try try again. It’s not that hard.

I have learned to meditate through guided meditations on youtube. They already begin with focusing on the breath and say that if you find your mind wandering, just come back to your breath. The more times you do this, the more you’re training your brain to meditate.

Meditation brings about growth spiritually, balance in all your energy fields and physical body. It brings about healing, connection to your gifts, and connection to your guides.

These are the times of the mass meditation for 12/21.

Please join us in sending love and healing to all the planet; animals, plants, humans, the water. Light 1 white candle if possible, and call on the angels to heal the planet.

Your heart chakras color is green. This is the most hidden in front of your eyes problem with your world. You celebrate Valentine’s Day and associate red with your heart, when red is the color of the root chakra. This one key can open your door to your heart.
Image a beautiful green swirling light shooting straight into your heart from the cosmos. This light comes from your source energy, the Love that created all of you.
See this green Light fill your heart, and spread out into the rest of your body. See each cell of your body filled with this magnificent green loving energy. Repeat after me: I love each cell of my body. I love my eyes, they have given me beautiful gifts in this life. I love my hands. They have given me so much Stability and strength in this life. I love my legs. They have supported me. I love my feet. They have taken me wonderful places. I love my heart. It has loved me and blessed me through this life. I am filled with love. Unconditional Love. For myself and all that I AM.

Now, see that heart of yours, glowing and spinning with that beautiful glowing green love, and watch as it spreads it’s energy all across gaia.. all through the trees, and deep I to the crystalline structure underneath. Your earth is encrusted with layers of solid crystal that has been covered for too long with dirt and rock. This crystal is the foundation of Earth. It’s love. We will revive her love. See the green energy flowing all through all the darkest places of earth now. All the slums, and alley ways.. all the valleys and dark forests. Allow this green loving energy to flow through … All of you, every human, see the energy flowing into the hearts of the homeless, the sick, the ones in prison, send love to those you know and those you don’t. See this green love filling the hearts and minds of those who hate you, and those who love you.
Finally see this green energy flowing all around the earth, out into space.. send this energy out into the other planets and beings around you. Send this energy back to source in gratitude for all you have and will have.

Need some help?

Instructions for those who did not understand where they ended up at birth
1. You will receive 7 different bodies and a sleeping consciousness – you will need to constantly awaken, develop and improve them. Perceive calmly that you will be simultaneously in different dimensions, and the whole world will be inside you.

2. You will have to attend a school called Life on Planet Earth. Every person and every event is your Universal Teacher.

3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Failure is an integral part of success. There are no victims – only students and teachers.

4. The lesson will be repeated in a variety of forms until it is fully learned. If you don’t learn the easy lessons – they will become more difficult, when you learn – you will move on to the next lesson.

5. External problems are an accurate reflection of your inner state. If you change your inner world, the outer world will also change for you.

6. Pain is the way the universe uses to get your attention – something is wrong.

7. The world is diverse. Rejection of oneself and others “as is” is the basis of negative emotions that destroy the body.

8. You will understand that the lesson is learned when your behavior and attitude towards everything changes. Wisdom is gained through practice. A little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing.

9. There is no place better than “here”. “There” is no better than “here.” When your β€œthere” becomes β€œhere”, you will get another β€œthere”, which again will seem better than β€œhere”. Appreciate what you have now.

10. Others are just your reflection. You cannot love or hate what is in others if it does not reflect your own qualities.

11. Life makes a frame, but you paint a picture. If you don’t take responsibility for the painting, others will write it for you.

12. All answers are in you. You know more than the books say. And all you have to do is look inward, listen to yourself and trust yourself.

13. Look for your destiny, realize yourself as much as possible in it and surrender yourself to it completely. It can change throughout life. Constantly learn something new and don’t be afraid to start all over again.

14. Most likely you will forget about it.

15. You can always remember this instruction if you want …

Author Unknown

By taking accountability, you open doorways to your blessings. I’m going to use my sister as an example.. I love you and you’re doing great on your journey, so don’t get upset. Truth is truth. ❀️😍

My sister was mean growing up, straight up abused me alot. The other day, I was doing my own healing through meditation and I messaged her after. I realized that I had never told her how she made me feel all those years ago. I felt the need to, I felt she needed to hear what I had to say. She didn’t write me back that day, but did yesterday.

She had some people fill her house up with food, and new things she badly needed. Pondering, and knowing my experiences, I asked, “Did you take accountability for what I sent you the other day? “.. meaning did she acknowledge her own behavior and make a decision to stop that, or change, or just in general, was she sorry?

Not to my surprise, yes, yes she had. She opened up, she allowed that pain to come up, she might have shed some tears.. but she made a choice in that moment, to be better. And she was extremely blessed very soon after.

I’m telling you this, not to make my sister feel bad. If you knew our relationship, our past, and what I’m talking about in general, you would be thrilled for her. This is the first step to a grand journey.

A little backstory, my sister was never honest growing up, not even with herself. She would steal my stuff, lie about it when I asked. She would fight me at bus stops while we waited for school, knowing I wouldnt fight back. She even cut my hair off at 4 years old, I was 3. She grew up, and things were harder for her in this life… Somehow I was always happy or ok when she wasnt. At a young age she was introduced to drugs and they took over her. She’s clean. Has been for awhile after almost 20 years of struggling with that. I’m extremely proud of you.

Back to what I was talking about at the beginning of this post. You have to take accountability for what you do in this life, no matter the situation. The only thing you can control is your own response, and actions. When your actions reflect nothing but pure intentions, the universe will show you miracles. Live from the heart.

Sitting here thinking, and this year has been the most terribly incredible thunderstorm of love and pain. The last six months have brought so many lessons and so many blessings that I have to actually try to remember the hard times. I’m honoured to have reached this type of healing.

I get asked alot how did I get to this point?

Self love! I stood up and said no more, I wouldn’t take the hate spit at me, I wouldn’t submit my daughter to it. We hadn’t been in that situation too long, but the months prior to Arizona were less than fantastic.

Self Love. Self Knowledge. Self Awareness. Do you know your worth? Do you know what you are? Science has proven it, a fractal of God/Source/Light.

Wouldn’t it make sense that it you are a piece of God then, that you could shape and shift things to your desire? Well actually, yes. The law of attraction.

So then, if you know what you are and what you’re capable of, how do you get past the programming you obtained through years and years of lives on this planet so that you can begin to use your magick to your advantage?

You feel. You quit hiding from those emotions you push aside everything they surface. Molested as a child? Feel the pain, forgive that inner child within you. Abused and neglected? Feel it. It’s ok… This is how you heal. You can’t heal what you cant feel.. this is why it’s important to pay attention to your triggers. Everyone gets upset at one point or another. What upsets you? Why? Where does it come from? Be honest.. don’t lie to yourself anymore. When you have that feeling, that emotion, that pain in your head, you’ve thought about it and figured it out, take your hand and wipe it back from your forehead to the back of your neck, literally wiping the pain away. Can figure out where it’s coming from, get a pendulum, get a deck of cards… Can’t use them? Learn.. how important is your healing? How important is your peace? Is it worth working for?

Solitude. Be alone and be happy with yourself. If you can’t make yourself happy, no one else can make you happy, and you can make no one else happy. Happiness comes from within, it comes from love and joy. You have all you need within you, all the answers. Be alone and find them. Mediation! Is key!

We each have our own path, your mission, your objective here may be very different than most. I chose my path, and it’s worked well for me. So the things I share with you are based off my reality, my healing, my experiences, and my Love. So if it resonates that is wonderful..

My mission is to bring you peace. When I can make it through everything standing tall, and hold my head high through the criticsm, I have reached my goals. I want to be able to feel my emotions, but not have them control me. I want to be able to have you do the same because I know how much it helps me. πŸ™


Let’s reset. Let’s reset our money system, our ecosystems, let’s reset our oceans and air!

Let’s reset the school systems to teach the youth and children about love. Let’s shape a new life that embraces equality and Unconditional Love in each heart.

Let’s reset our human dna and eliminate the negative. Let’s get the matrix out of our lives. Let’s make this earth beautiful and worth living on. Let’s reset and break free from this prison.

Learning lessons.. This is how we make changes. 2020 held a lot of lessons for me.


I’m going to run down a list of lessons I learned this year!

I challenge you to do the same in the comments!!

1. I learned I have the Right to remain silent,
2. But I have an obligation to speak up, when something is morally wrong.
3. I learned that the reason we feel so connected to our “twin flames” or those sent to help us learn a lesson, is because we have been in contact with these souls prior to this life. This might seem like an odd lesson to put on here but it brings light to
4. standing in my power and
5. refusing to allow abuse around my family or me.
6. I learned that the human spirit needs space to grow..
7. I learned that my fight or flight trigger needed healing.. and I’m working on it still.
8. I learned that no matter how much you try, how much magick you do, no amount of love will Heal anyone. They have to choose to heal themselves. We cannot interfere with free will.
9. Which is why love spells never work or last.
10. I’ve learned that life gives you what you believe you deserve,
11. And that I’m Worthy of love, and peace.
12. I’ve learned that alcohol can be detrimental to a human … And it’s not meant for great amounts of consumption. This lowers our vibe and keeps us from growing.
13. I learned that humanity is blinded to their actions and the effect their actions have on others. This is why we see so much pain in our world.
14. I learned what true love is and what it isn’t.
15. I learned who I am and what I will and what I will not stand for.
16. I learned to be strong.
17. I learned that I am a Goddess, and I am powerful.
18. I learned how to control myself, my emotions, my energy, and my fear.
19. I learned what my purpose in life is.
20. I learned that when we lose something, something greater comes along.
21. I’ve learned to have faith in those stars … They truly do have our back.
22. I learned that you can forgive, and heal, and be at peace and change … All of these things are very possible if you only want it enough to try.
23. I learned the secret to life, is experience.
24. I learned how to spot a toxic situation.
25. I learned I was strong in the spirit world.. my spirit connection is very good. I’m a great medium. I knew I could be last year, but this year I learned who I truly am.
26. I learned alot about mothering that I didn’t know before.
27. I learned to be patient.
28. I learned to allow my emotions to release so I could heal.
29. I learned to meditate.
30. I learned alot about psychedelics.
31. I learned I’m psychic.
32. I learned the value of morals and values in our core… These determine your life.
33. I learned that without struggle, there isn’t growth,
34. We have to learn Compassion through suffering, mostly because we are stubborn as humans.
35. I learned that life is a mirror, and someones opinion of me is a reflection of them.
36. I learned that without healing, there’s no peace.

My point in this post is… What did you learn??

Have your grown?

Did you take advantage??? Of the time you had ?? After wishing you had more time most of your adulthood?

Let’s here your take on this year in the comments!!