What is normal? A setting on the dryer? A conditioned belief, an accepted idea.

The news.
Nice cars.
School systems.

And much much more have been literally drilled into your dna your entire life. You expect this to be normal. So many more people have grown up believing what they had was normal, and turned out to be way worse than normal. Unfortunately, these behaviors condition themselves as well.

If you had a chance to change everything, down to how you eat your food, and your beliefs about most anything, if you had no conditioning and your mind was free to wonder.. what you make your life into?

With a new slate, you could change your eating habits, career, money flow, emotional pain…

If you were handed a paint brush, and told.. “what would you like your life to look like?”, What would you paint?

Mental Health and Affirmations

With the history I have had in this life, I found affirmations essential in my peace and healing. I began in April of 2019 repeating daily, that I was healed. I said it so often I began believing it. I also avoided words that I had laid claim to before. Like… PTSD. I quit saying I had it. I quit feeding it energy. And here I am, two years later without flashbacks and without meds.

I was in the mental hospital 3 times for depression and suicidal thoughts. I even began cutting myself. I needed help, so I learned and listened to my spiritual friends. They guided me on the right path.

I now have a collection of affirmations that declare different and important things for us humans. I will copy them below. Feel free to copy, share, save… anything I write.

These words are magick and should be spread worldwide.

🌒🌕🌘 Repeat After Me 🌒🌕🌘
I Stand in My Power.
I Demand the Respect I deserve.
I see Truth for what it is.
I recognize when I’m being Abused or Mistreated.
I change my situation to assist my growth and healing.
I remove myself from negative situations that hold me back.
I release any and all blocks keeping me from the things I desire.
My heart is pure and I am love and light.
The Angels watch over me and mine, and shed protective light over us.
I am eager for knowledge and change.
I am eager to learn and grow.
I ask my Spirit Guides to Show me the Way and to assist me in my growth and healing.
I am Ready. So Mote It Be.

☆♡☆Humbly, I ask thee☆♡☆
Grasp your FAITH
and ☆repeat after me☆
I am strong.
I am brave.
I am powerful.
I am in control of my energy.
I am in control of my emotions.
I am manifesting my dreams daily.
I am making possitive affirmations daily.
I am inviting my spirit guides to give me messages daily.

☆carry on☆
And sway the stars!



☆♡☆ Repeat after me ☆♡☆
Full Moon edition
I ask the full moon to release what no longer serves my highest good.
I ask the Full Moon Goddess to assist in this, and allow it to happen in the easiest ways possible.
I honor my voice by speaking my boundaries and standing in my power by refusing to allow abuse in my life.
I release any and all false beliefs about myself, my family, my job, my friends, my life.
I bring in self love, growth, abundance, and joy with the coming of this Moon.
I ask that the full moon bring me prosperity and peace.
I am grateful and thankful for all my blessings in this life, and those to come.

You can create your own affirmations, and your own way of healing. It should be individualized to suit you and your mind and body.

Sexual Healing.

I’ve worked hard on helping others heal. Between June and Dec, I can’t count the people I’ve read for, done magick for, and just plain made smile. I am excited that I’ve helped you all on this journey, but today I’m realising, there’s more I need to heal within.

This is a deep subject for me. And it takes a deeper strength to heal. Sexual healing is so important. If you have been raped, held against your will, or tormented sexually, you walk life different. I carry weapons everywhere I go. Some memeories, i cant explore just yet and I know it’s unhealthy.. but the pain is too much… The emotions, too much.. the fear, too much.

I wanted to, for so long, keep it all in, all the fears and pain. But it seems, my message may help someone else.

I was kidnapped at 22. I was held for 4 months, being beat and raped and made into a slave. I was tormented and forced to do things that made my mental situation lack anything of substance. I came out of that pregnant and I kept my baby. I had no choice, she would save my soul. I suffered ptsd for so long, even throwing myself out of bed and having to go to the hospital.

As a kid, at 3 I was molested by my mom’s bf, and at 7 in church by two men. I had a boyfriend who would force me, my first be to be exact. And my ex. He was by far the worst.

This 6 foot man, 375 pounds, would sit all his weight on me and rape me with dildos bigger than my arm. He would rape me anally, and he would hurt me emotionally while doing all this. He would say things that, I swore I would never repeat. This went on for about 9 months before I was able to get away.

Sexual healing is important. Sex is used to express our souls through connection with another, it’s magick, it’s beautiful. It’s used to manifest, and to create. It’s life when done with Intentions of great things.

After going through a life like this, I found myself extremely sexual. I wanted it all the time, night and day… I had been programmed.. for rape and forceful things. I had to heal that first.. and I’ve done just that. Fantasies related to what you have been through is normal. Your body gets used to what’s happening to it. Hormones are real. It’s ok to have thoughts you probably don’t like alot ..

Now comes the hard part.. feeling those fears, and those emotions that come up when I have certain thoughts of the nearest past. The fear, is truly what grips me. It makes me never want to be touched again. It makes me jump at the thought and it gives me anxiety.

But, I cannot let my sexual side stay hurt and suppressed. I cannot embrace all of me, if my sexuality is broken. I am my sexuality at its rawest form… I am my soul.. and it encompasses my sexuality. As are you. The universe is all.. good, bad, and ugly. If you wish to claim all your power, you must first heal all of you.

You wonder why you, what made you so different, what made them do you this way.. and it’s hard to imagine any good in humanity … This is something that’s rapid around the world.. and it’s needs to be healed in so many. I hope my words bring someone some hope …

The power of Crystals

Crystals are a wonderful way to assist in your healing, if you’re on that path. They carry the highest vibrational frequencies that we have physical access to, and they hold knowledge better than water. I like to meditate with my special Crystals surrounding my head. I use rose quartz, to help calm me; amethyst to assist in psychic protection; clear quartz to help program different healings. I love all the natural stones available to us.

Some are not so good for us because of how they are gathered. There’s still slavery all over, and a lot of it involves our crystal world. It’s been proven that third world countries harvest these stones at the hands of children. Be not greedy in your ventures, only use and take what is needed. Try to research and find out where your stones are coming from. They should be harvested in a positive way.

They are borrowed from the earth, they are meant to be respected. We do not own things in this life, we are all things. When you realise this you allow things to come and go freely. You know you will not lack.

If you lose one, it’s time for it to move on and help another. They have their own consciousness and they love attention. I try to always have my quartz ring on. There’s not a second, maybe when washing dishes, that it isn’t being worn. They assist in balance and control of emotions, they raise vibrations and assist in activating the third eye.

Set them around your house plants for a wonderful addition to the love the plant naturally gives off.

Crystal grids are a great way to do magick and healing. Research and find out what crystal you are drawn too, and how to do grids and you’ll be on the next step on your healing journey.

If the soul could reach out and take control, it would lead you to a place of beauty and grace. A place known to man, only by pictures and dreams, an artists rendition of the elemental tapestry painted across our sky. With every ounce of stardust, every swirl of colour, with all that could be… I see Me.-Tiffany PowellFeb 11, 2019

If you imagine for a moment, only 20% of our soul is actually encased in our biological body, leaving 80% outside and around us.. in our auric field. That takes “you’re in my bubble” to a whole new level.
10/21/2019 Tiffany Powell

I’ve just read a post and made a comment, that I blew myself away with. Sometimes I just channel things, especially when I’m reading cards, and I… do free writing. Where my fingers just kind of go…
So this friend of mine has been suffering today, and I’ve noticed alot of people on my page saying… ” my anxiety is terrible” or “I suffer with.. (insert illness here)”.
A very wise woman once changed my life with a tarot reading. One of the things she told me was that I needed to quit saying I was sick, or suffering at all. Because manifestation is a real thing. Yes, I went through traumatic experiences that caused some flashbacks and nightmares. But it only got worse when I told ppl I had PTSD or depression. When I talked about my anxiety all the time, I suffered daily.
So, that being said, and you can accept my advice or toss it to the wind, but try saying how great you feel, how successful you are, how loved you are and see the difference in your life. It has been …. about 6 or 7 months since that reading that changed my life. I took every word to heart and remember the conversation like it was yesterday. It’s taken those 6 or 7 months for the universe to clean up my life. Negativity has been depleted dramatically, like I wanted and positivity and love rule my world.
Words are spells, and thoughts are manifestations. Pay attention to your self talk and self thought… Be kind to yourself, manifest what you truly desire through your daily life.

Tiffany Powell

Affirmations Outline

✨👑😍👑✨  I came up with an outline for a set of Affirmations for the entire week, based on what you’re trying to bring into your life. You will want to get out your pen and paper for this.

Are you focusing on controlling your emotions? Healing? Wanting a better life? This isn’t an ad. It’s not a “click here for the info” ..

I’m about to help you make a better life for yourself. But you have to have faith, and do what I say to make it work. Manifesting a better life doesn’t come from just thinking.. or intentions. You have to act. You have to make a plan and stick to it.

Each day is based off what that day of the week can bring you easiest. So on Monday it’s the beginning of the week.. You’re getting ready for the week. Take time to set appointments, make important changes go into effect on this day, start new habits on this day. So you basically write out your own, and put them up on your wall, mirror, or somewhere to u will see them easily daily..

👑🔮✨🔮👑.                            ✨👑🔮👑✨

Monday Affirmations
~ Getting the week started off right, setting appointments, making goals for the week.
~ Declaring the weekly and daily mood.
~ Gratefulness
~ Personal Manifesting/healing

Tuesday Affirmations
~ Energized and Allert
~ Eating Habits, exercising, meditation
~ Honouring
~ Personal Manifesting/healing

Wednesday Affirmations
~ Encouragement
~ Sunlight, healthy journaling, moon gazing
~ Thankfulness
~ Personal Manifesting/healing

Thursday Affirmations
~ Learning, knowledge, wisdom
~ Accountability
~ Gratefulness
~ Personal Manifesting/healing

Friday Affirmations
~ Time away from everyone, self love
~ Rewards for hard days worked
~ Last minute organizing for next week
~ Personal healing

Saturday Affirmations
~ Honouring Self, Gods and Goddesses, Spirit and Ancestors
~ Gratefulness, showing thanks for blessings

Sunday Affirmations
~ Honouring The Holy Light/Angelic Realm, Dragons and higher self, oneness, humble
~ Sacred Meditations and Learning
~ Personal, spiritual Manifesting.

Each day there should be an Affirmation about being grateful and thankful for all that you have. This is important to your blessings. Can’t count your blessings? I can help. The water you drink, the air you breath, the life you chose to live right here right now. Your bed, home, shelter, car, music, food… The list goes on and on.

Sending Love

Imagine a big, beautiful field, full of beautiful flowers, your favorite! What kind are they? Are they big and gorgeous? Do they smell amazing? You look up and see the tree line in the distance, and see the magnificent oak trees encircling this magickal flower field.

You see the sun setting, and smell a fire not to far from where you are. You turn at the sound of your name being called, and see a group of people surrounding this bon fire. You walk over, and as you do you feel the energy of those who are in front of you. How do they feel? Do you feel the love they have for you? Each and every one loves you dearly!

You look closely and see that they each have the most beautiful green heart 💚 glowing with love and healing energy. Look at these people, do you recognize them? Are they friends, soul tribe? Guides? Who ever these people are, know that they know you.. they love you.

You walk to each one, and give them a big hug, and with each hug you feel your heart begin to beat lighter, and more intentionally. You begin to see your chest glowing green and full of love 💚. By the time you hug each person there, the moon is out, shining bright above you all.

You all grab hands, and your hearts shoot a beam of green energy into the center of the circle, and it accumulates as you all stand there. The ball of energy gets so big that it blasts apart and it floods the whole heart with love. 💚

❄️🎄 End Year Releasing Ritualistic Bath ❄️🤩

I like to use essential oils; tea tree, citrus, rose, lavender, eucalyptus, whatever makes your heart happy. Drop 10 to 15 drops in your bath water. I like my water nice and hot. ❤️🤩
You can add flowers, statues, or any other thing that makes your space special.

I use crystals that I know are good for me, amethyst, quartz, selenite, rose quartz, and jade. These help heal and ground me. I used 5 tea light candles as a representative of next year, and the incoming blessings of the number 5 it represents.

Put on some music that touches your soul, try not to make it too loud, this will over stimulate you.

I also partake in the herbal medicinals, so have this handy if you do.

I believe we do the best work on ourselves and in working our magick when we are in our rawest natural state, naked. When you are at your most vulnerable, you’re emotions are the rawest, and it brings a sacred ancient feel to your work. It took me awhile before I was taking ritual baths because of the ability (literally) to do so. They are the most enriching, healing, encouraging, inspiring form of self love. Make this your sacred space for just n hour.

After you’ve lit your candles and have your bath all set up, cozy down in the water and light your medicinal. As you inhale the smoke imagine you’re bringing in love from source, feel the Magick and transformation as you exhale all the past. Feel the water it soak into each cell of your body, filling your body will with all the nutrients and love you’ve put into it. Place your hand on your heart and say, “I release all the tears, heartbreaks, disappointments, and pain of this year. I release any doubts, fears, or uncertainties of the future. I take accountability for my life, my actions and my responses to this reality.”

If you do reiki, you can take this time to do send yourself some reiki.

Imagine the water pulling all the things you with to release out of each part of your body as you bathe. While your hands are moving over your body, think good thoughts about each part of your body. See source energy, golden healing energy flowing from your hands into your legs and arms, flowing all through you. This body has gotten you so far in this life, and it deserves pampering. Relax for a bit, take deep breathes, and imagine the year you want to have. See all the beautiful changes coming your way, focus on your future and your dreams.

Thank the Gods and Thank Jesus for these many blessing and this holiday season, Source for all the things we have and will have. Take time to honour your ancestors and speak to your guides. Ask your higher self to rule his year coming up and the ones after.

Then, the most important part of this Ritualistic Bath, place your hands over your heart again, and say these words, “I forgive you, I love you. This next year will be full of blessings, love, Self-love and joy. I accept all the miracles and blessings that the new year is bringing me, with respect and gratefulness.”

As you let the water out, watch all the things you’ve allowed to leave your being, flowing down the drain. Stand up, and stretch your hands high to the ceiling, and take a deep breathe, allowing the universe to conspire in your favor.

I took a second hit of my medicinal at this point. And then got dressed. I feel absolutely incredible! I suggest a bath like this before the end of the year! ❤️🤩🥰


In the Spiritual worlds there’s a word, “anchors” that is pretty revealing about humans. This term is used to describe the things that hold you back. If I came up to you and said I had the best job you could Dream of, and the keys were held in front of you, the plane ready to fly you across seas to your favorite country, so you can live you dream life .. no strings attached, hypothetically.. all funds provided.

What would hold you back ?? Would you say, but my employer here, my husband, my kids? What about this, or that? These things will keep you from all your dream life of bliss.

Your kids and husband, you say? Well yes. If you want something you have to be willing to go get it, with respect of course to laws of humanity. Your home should be so full of love that no on questions your motives. You should be so at peace with all those around you to be able to choose what you want, aside from what others may feel, for your highest good.

We each get to walk this life, we get gifted people and personalities while we walk out paths. Detach from those anchors and go for the gold. Go for your dreams.