CBD could be used to treat anti-biotic resistant superbugs

Breakthrough research suggests CBD (cannabidiol, which is derived from the cannabis plant) could be used to treat antibiotic-resistant infections like meningitis, legionnaires disease, even gonorrhoea, the second-most common sexually transmitted infection in Australia.   According to the University of Queensland, synthetic CBD showed it could kill the bacteria responsible for infections that have a historyContinue reading “CBD could be used to treat anti-biotic resistant superbugs”

The power of Healing and Fogiveness

I like the mind. It’s so healing.. it’s where all our magick happens. Ready to forgive yourself? This is powerful and even just reading it, begins the process subconsciously. First, you have to understand that you have been blinded and lied to, and let down, and hurt and your actions were actions taken before youContinue reading “The power of Healing and Fogiveness”

Man! Those Lessons. ❣😘🤩

Have you ever changed in an instant for someone? Like the second you found them your soul changed and nothing else mattered? This is how things were with my ex. Nothing else mattered, and nothing else existed but us, our family and our love. But, my past haunted me through my own actions. I livedContinue reading “Man! Those Lessons. ❣😘🤩”

Leave that abusive situation

It’s 4am and I’m awake. Mostly bc I’ve had nightmares for two nights and couldn’t cope for a minute. I messaged a couple of my friends who are up, and I’ve done affirimations to remain calm in my dreams, and gain control. In doing this, I discovered something fucking incredible. Listen, if you’re in anContinue reading “Leave that abusive situation”