Magickal Reactions


Prosperity spells available for 50$. Get all you deserve from the quantum realm, manifested to your hearts desires. My spells are known to bring fast money and what’s needed in a pinch.

Prosperity comes in all forms. It may not show up as a check or cash, but you may get what you need when you need it… a bill paid or groceries given for free. You may end up with that soulful experience you’ve been craving. Prosperity is very fluid.

Love conquers All

I often send love to the collective with my spell candles. The intention is what matters. When doing magick, I make the intention that who ever comments or accepts the magick, then they will receive the magick.

All of life is about intentions. What do you go through life intending to do? Do you know your intentions? Are you that aware?

You are a Divine God

Magick runs through your veins and it’s your natural state. The thoughts you have are magick, the air that leaves your lungs carry change.

Learn how to apply magick to your daily life and find your own power through my mentor program. I offer 1 reading a month, availability for questions whenever you have them, knowledge and wisdom weekly all for 50$ a month.

Find your true power and see how you can shape your reality, draw in money and love, and grow spiritually all at the same time.

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