Divine Truth and Magick

❣️👑 New prices.👑❣️

❤️Tarot/psychic/energy reading 60$ 1 hour

Half hour 30$

Includes an introduction to your spirit guides and tools to change your life for the better. I give you information you need, of your highest good, and tell you how you can achieve your goals. I employ my own gifts with cards and pendulums. This is an hour session.

❤️Magick spells 50$- done for your highest good, through the quantum realms of possibilities.

❤️Reiki Healing sessions 30$ 30 mins sessions

❤️Energy clearing/cord cutting/jar work 40$- remove unwanted conscious or subconscious cords, contracts, implants, negative attachments..

❤️Medium ship readings 40$ get messages from loved ones passed, your guides, and your ancestors.

🖤 Monthly Subscription for Learning/Reiki

Reiki/energy healing/quantum healing twice a week for 75$ per month. Also includes a 1 hour session each month for trauma/mental health/emotional healing.

  • When getting a reading or energy work I’ll need full name at birth
  • I’ll need your acceptance of the work
  • I’ll need permission from your higher self
  • You should light a candle and be alone for the most part
  • Understand that readings are fluid and change
  • Be open to hearing the things that will help you change your personality so that you can change your life for the better

Subscription 35$ per month. This includes 1 full reading/healing session per month plus access to me whenever you have a question. Plus magick at new moon and full moon.

What do I teach? Power.

Manifesting. Strength. Love. Understanding.
Quantum Physics. Meditation. Truth. Divine wisdom. History. Spirituality. Forgiveness. Tarot and other divination. Prayer work. Healing. Reiki. Karma. Experience. Singularity. Universal knowledge. Self knowledge. Psychic powers. Mediumship. Balance. TRUTH.

These last few months I’ve started painting and doing resin art. Below is a collection of what I have done. Each piece is filled with love and Magick- to assist along your journey.

I adore earth medicine and I’ve enjoyed my own journeys into the wild unknown of psychedelic delicacies.
This painting is all about the masculine and it’s rule over the quantum realms. Embrace the feminine and masculine within.
This is an example of a water painting reading. These are 30$ and I can mail them out when finished.
Gaia the Earth Goddess. For the healers of Gaia are surely Blessed beings.
Connect to Spirit ❤️💀💫
Custom Magickally Charged Spell Oils 20$

Witchy kits- 50$ Includes all you would need to cast your own spell or begin your witchy journey.
Resin Art Charged With Protection and Magick
Custom and Personal.
Art is how the soul expresses itself.

Tiffany Powell & Divine Truth and Magick on Facebook contact- all payments accepted through PayPal, cashapp, Venmo, and Facebook pay.

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